Hotel Made Out Of Shipping Containers In Texas Lets You Try Out Tiny Living

If you haven’t noticed, there seems to be quite the tiny home trend going at the moment – everything from she-sheds, campers, and even upcycled shipping containers – society seems to love a tiny living space. And while it’s definitely more affordable in this day and age, it’s still no small commitment to living tiny. That is also why there seems to be a rise in the short-term rental movement, which allows you to test out the trend before committing to buying.

While you can pay to stay in a camper van through an Airstream campsite, there is another option that’s popped up: the Flophouze Hotel, located in Round Top, Texas. This place is an inn that was created entirely out of shipping containers.

It is an offshoot of the architectural salvage company known as Recycling the Past. Flophouze is comprised of a fleet of six shipping containers that have been upcycled and turned into cozy accommodations, and are made up of reclaimed materials from across the nation.

Photo: Flophouze

Rates begin at $174 for every “houze,” and each one is self-contained with its own living room, bathroom, and kitchen. Outside the living area, guests are able to enjoy such amenities like Adirondack chairs and hammocks, grills and fire pits, and soon, a Modpool. In case you’re wondering what that is, the modpool will be a hotel pool made from an upcycled shipping container.

The Flophouze floors are all original to the containers, however, everything else is a patchwork of other materials and décor.

Photo: Flophouze

Some of the wood you’ll find has been repurposed from a farm in upstate New York, as well as windows recycled from a school in Philadelphia.

A lab in Brooklyn was the source of the cabinets, while the countertops were repurposed bowling alley floors from Texas.

Photo: Flophouze

While all the furnishings have been one-of-a-kind vintage finds from all over the place.

The best part is everything that you see within the container is also for sale, so should you find something you like, all you need to do is ask about the price!

Photo: Flophouze

And even if you don’t see something you like, you can always take a gander at Flophouze’s sister event space, The Round Top Ballroom, and shop their selected goods there.

If you do stay in a Flophouze, don’t expect to be working while on your break. You will need to fully unplug as the “houzes” don’t appear to be equipped with anything other than record players and vinyl.

Photo: Flophouze

Of course, if you need to get out and do something, you can visit Fayette Lake for a swim or fishing, or check out the other local spots and antique stores – like Junk Gypsy – and take in a sunset from your deck.

Should you fall in love with your new tiny lifestyle, Flophouze always does custom-built shipping container homes. Wink, wink!

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