Stunning Flip Cup Art Is Mesmerizing To Watch!

Have you ever heard of flip cup art? This technique is oddly mesmerizing to watch from beginning to end. It looks like it’s easy to do, but we know better! These kinds of paintings always come with special techniques. However, after watching this video, maybe you’ll be ready to try your hand at flip cup art!

This talented artist starts out with twenty-four different colors, carefully measured out and in a specific order. He then pours each color into the same large cup, which you might think would just mix into an ugly dark brown, but, amazingly, the colors layer in the most fascinating way.

Once the colors have collected in the cup, he gets to work covering the canvas in a layer of gesso to prep the canvas and help the paint spread. Then, he goes about the careful work of placing the canvas over the cup full of paint, and then, you guessed it… he flips it over!

As he lifts the cup and spreads the paint around, you’ll see how the colors spread out and mix together in the most fascinating ways! It’s truly a mesmerizing process to watch. See it from the very beginning in the video below!

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