This Abandoned Flintstones Theme Park In Arizona Is Eerily Nostalgic

All of the original characters, as mentioned before, still stand and are in pretty good condition despite being an abandoned theme park. You can expect to see Fred, Wilma, Bam Bam, Barney, Pebbles, Betty, and more.

There’s even a full souvenir shop still intact and the shop was actually known for selling whacky, vintage items that were popular back in the 60s. In addition to the gift shop, there’s also a barber shop with the iconic barber pole outside which was reminiscent of barber shops back in the day.

Even the employees would dress up as characters, which ultimately attracted a lot of their guests.

The attractions are best explored at sunset, as the sun setting plays nicely on the multi-colored houses, but also gives off an eerie vibe for those interested. It definitely reflects that of a ghost town.

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