Fix Your Torn Couch In Four Easy Steps

If you’ve ever owned leather or vinyl furniture, then you know the pain and heartache of the upholstery tearing or wearing thin. The fix for this isn’t as straight forward as other kinds of furniture. But don’t fear! We’ve got a tutorial that will show us how to fix these tears in four easy steps!

First, clean out the area of any and all loose material. Then, wipe the area down with nail polish remover to sterilize the area.

Next, apply a coat of Bond & Flex leather repair. It comes with an applicator that easily helps spread the paste on in an even layer. You’ll want to wipe off the excess with some water and let it dry.

Once the Bond & Fix has dried, sand off the surface until everything is smooth and even before moving on to the next step.

Once you’re satisfied with the smooth texture of the area in need of repair, it’s time to paint!

Get the full tutorial and all of the details you’ll need in the video below! Don’t throw away that spotty, faded couch – try this instead!

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