Fitness Coach Is Hosting Free Daily Workouts For Kids On Youtube

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are plenty of lockdowns being enforced. As a result, kids are home from school. Since they’re not at school, they’re unable to attend the regular P.E. classes that they would be taking. While physical activity is great for helping kids burn off extra steam, according to the CDC, kids who regularly have physical education as part of their routines tend to have not only good levels of physical activity, but also improved grades and test scores, and an easier time staying focused.

Of course, the current outbreak puts a damper on that – particularly since a lot of places where you could physically get active have had to shut down temporarily.

However, there is an English fitness coach, Joe Wicks, who has solutions. Wicks holds a degree in sports science besides having five years of experience as a personal trainer and three years of experience as an online nutrition coach. All this has made him a man with a plan.

As his website states, “I’m a man on a mission to rescue people from the awful dieting industry.”

However, given the current pandemic, Wick’s mission has changed slightly as he recently made the announcement that each morning, he’ll be uploading live 30-minute workouts just for students. Because of this, he’s been dubbed “the nation’s P.E. teacher.”

In fact, in the first video that he posted, Wick went on to explain how he’d been visiting schools throughout the UK over the span of four years in an attempt to get students excited about exercising. He was supposed to go back on tour but then the pandemic happened and a lockdown was enforced. So, instead, he made the decision to live-stream his workouts on YouTube.

The response has been overwhelming, with hundreds upon thousands of people tuning in to watch. Hopefully, this means that they actually partook in the workouts as well.

On Instagram, Wicks posed, “Just completed day one of #pewithjoe and we had 806k households tuned in.”

All of Wicks fitness classes are available for streaming live or watching them later on his YouTube channel, The Body Coach TV. Not only does he have ones designed for kids, but he also has a whole plethora of workout videos for adults as well.

During a pandemic there is no better time to get active – we may have to train for those zombies after all.

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