These Fireball-Soaked Gummy Bears Will Pack A Punch On St. Patrick’s Day

If you have any friends or loved ones that love Fireball Whiskey, you have probably noticed one thing. They REALLY love it! It’s the sort of drink that inspires widespread devotion. There’s no such thing as someone who “kinda” likes Fireball. Either you love it to death or you are not all that concerned with it one way or another. The first group will definitely want to keep on reading.

The second group will want to as well. After all, you might come up with the sort of awesome gift idea that you are not able to find anywhere else. Spicy whiskey is always going to have a vocal fan club, and Fireball Whiskey is certainly no different. St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and those who are tired of drinking Fireball the same old way will want to take a closer look at what this Etsy shop has to offer them.

These green Fireball gummy bears are so adorable, you just might forget what they are made of. Vine Gelee is the shop that you are going to want to visit. They also offer a wide range of other alcoholic gummy bears. If you would like to take home some champagne gummy bears, this is the perfect shop to visit. Boozy gummy bears? Now we have seen it all.

Where were these when we were in college? The bears are coated with golden glitter and green glitter, but not to worry, they are still edible.

The gummy bears also come in three different sizes. You can take home a four-ounce bag, an eight-ounce bag or even a 16-ounce bag. The shop has received lots of rave reviews, and once you take the time to read them, it is easy to see why. People love these gummy bears and they are not scared to show it. “Awesome from beginning to end!” read one of the reviews and we believe them 100 percent.

Whether you have St. Patrick’s Day plans or not, these gummy bears are sure to kick things up a notch. Take the time to order them in advance as you are going to want to make sure that they arrive on time. These gummy bears also make for a great gift for all of the Fireball obsessives out there. Please share away!

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