You Can Now Get Red Hot Beignets Filled With Fireball Whisky At Disney World

Many people enjoy the combination of sweet and salty but what about sweet and spicy? If you like a little heat in your dessert, then you might just want to head to Disney World. After all, they are now offering red-hot Beignets.

Scat Cat’s Club in Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter has added this interesting food item to the menu. It is a fresh beignet with crushed red hots and additional sauce made from red hots on top. It is also served with fireball whiskey in a tube, designed so you can inject the whiskey into the pastry to make it a great adult treat.

According to the Disney Food Blog, you can expect to spend $9.99 for two beignets. They also shared a sneak peek at these new snacks on their Instagram.

Of course, you will have to be 21 years old or older to enjoy this treat but if you are younger, you can always enjoy it without the alcohol. Apparently, a $2.99 nonalcoholic red-hot beignet is also available and it is shaped like Mickey Mouse.

If you are interested in taking a look at the full order of Red-Hot Beignets, then this Instagram from WDW News Today should help:

Disney has taken a walk down this road before with some experimental liquor beignets. Those French pastries are a big part of New Orleans cuisine.

Walt Disney World tried it in 2018 when a number of other booze-infused beignets were introduced. They were known as the Baton Rouge Beignets and could be injected with a syringe of Kahlúa, Bailey’s Irish cream or RumChata. The menu was posted online and it is still possible to get all of those Beignets at Scat Cat’s Club. Two are available for $14.99 or you can buy one for $7.99.

The Disney Food Blog posted a picture of those treats in 2018:

Red Hot Beignets may have made some waves but they are not the only beignet experiment going on at Walt Disney World. You also have the Just Take Three, which were inspired by Disney’s “The Princess and the Frog.” You can expect them to make a splash at Disney Villains After Hours, an event that allows the Magic Kingdom to stay open for three more hours than typical.

Visitors to the Magic Kingdom can take advantage of the extra time for 24 different nights between February 7-July 10. A number of Disney villains will appear, such as Maleficent and Jafar. Additional food and attractions will also make it a memorable evening.

If you are interested in trying the Just Take Three dessert, you will get three beignets with powdered sugar, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate ganache on top. Sounds like it may be well worth the visit.

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