Farmer Accidentally Uncovers A 3,000 Year Old Treasure!

There are many exciting stories about unexpected finds – such as finding an original Jackson Pollock at a thrift store, or a Faberge egg at a yard sale worth millions, but we tend to think some of the best discoveries are less about money and more about history. If that’s your mindset too, then boy have we got a great discovery for you!

This olive farmer in Greece discovered a 3,000+ year old secret quite by accident. He drove his truck onto his farm like any other day. When he put it in park, the front of his truck tipped down, breaking through the soil and creating a hole in the ground. Luckily, he was able to get the truck out safe and sound.

At first, he and his farm hands thought the hole was due to a water main break, but upon further inspection, they knew they had stumbled upon something much more unique.

The farmer had the foresight to call in a group of experts to do an archeological dig. What they found was nothing short of stunning! The small hole turned out to be a huge tomb that housed two caskets and multiple jars that indicated wealth and status. Experts believe the tomb and its contents are over 3,000 years old!

Watch the video below to get the full history and significance of this amazing discovery!

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