15 Chicken Coops That Are Fancier Than Most People’s Homes

These chickens are definitely living the life.

We never thought that we could be jealous of a chicken coop, but here we are. These swanky accommodations showcase the architectural prowess that some owners take. Let’s take a closer look at some of the awesome houses, or rather chicken coops, that owners have provided for their feathery friends:

1. The “I’d Rather Be Flying” bumper sticker is quite the nice touch, isn’t it?

2. Even chickens like to belly up to the bar and spend time at the local saloon.

3. This dome deserves to be in a museum.

4. We’re moving on up…to a deluxe loft apartment in the sky. These chicken finally got a piece of the pie!

Photo: Blogspot

5. Coops like this one are probably more fit for a Hobbit. But we think this chicken doesn’t mind too much.

6. Instead of putting the chicken coop outside, these owners elected to add it onto their house instead.

7. This is one of the coolest tree houses that we have ever seen. It is hard to believe that this is a place for a chicken to live.

8. Even chickens deserve to have the chance to live in a castle at some point during their lives.

9. A schoolhouse for chickens? Now we have seen it all.

10. This rustic log cabin is the perfect place for the chicken who is just looking to get away from the hustle and bustle.

11. The best name and color: “The Egg Plant”

12. A pink cottage fit for a princess.

13. I feel like I could live here and be happy.

15. Hopefully, chickens don’t learn to drive anytime soon.

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