The Family That Collects Everything Space Age – As a Family

The Kleeman family in Northwest Connecticut does many things together. Every year they do their family Christmas card and send it out. But, they also have a huge collection together which they have on display at the Space Age Museum– a private facility which houses their massive collection of NASA, Star Wars, Star Trek, robot, Jetson, and other space themed items. Everything from costumes to model spaceships to UFOs to cool retro space age signage is displayed together in a wonderful mix of space items.

It started as hobby in the 1980s and has now grown to become a family enterprise. And the collection has gotten a lot bigger over the years! Not only items related to real space travel, the Kleemans also focus on the retro-future items which were so popular in the 1950s and which showed a future of efficiency and modern technological accoutrements. Have a look at this fascinating family and their fun collection in the video below.

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