Family Of 6 Trade 5,000-Square-Foot Home To Squeeze Into Converted School Bus With 1 Bathroom

Debbie and Gabriel met at ministry school in Illinois. The couple fell in love and got married, and they now have four kids who range in age from 2 to 10.

The family of six lived in a spacious 5,000-square-foot home, but they were feeling more disconnected from one another than ever. Gabriel had to work multiple jobs to keep the bills paid, and he often worked through the night with little to no sleep or quality time with his kids.

They realized they needed to make a major change … and had an epiphany when they stumbled upon a YouTube video about bus living.

Though a bit skeptical at first, Debbie and Gabriel had a gut feeling a more minimal lifestyle could be just what they needed to rekindle their family bond.

Debbie and Gabriel bought and refurbished a classic school bus, which they keep at an RV park in Redding, California.

After putting nearly $40,000 into renovations, they squeezed into the 250-square-foot space and took off on their new adventure.

Now the entire family can exist in the same room at all times. They say they’re having a blast, despite the fact there’s only one small bathroom inside the bus for all six family members!

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