Wendy’s Employees Fired After Someone Took A Bath In The Sink

If you have been on social media even a little bit over the course of the last week, you have probably seen the Wendy’s sink bath video. If not, allow us to bring you up to speed. The clip was originally taken at a Greenville, MI Wendy’s location. Once it was uploaded to TikTok, it took off. User paulkash2 posted the clip and was forced to take it down when it became too popular.

What did he expect, though? Connor Somerfield also fueled the clip’s popularity by posting it on his Facebook page. The Daily News also reported on the video. The clip is 23 seconds long and features a young man sitting in a sink full of hot water. He remarks that the sink feels similar to a hot tub. Somerfield did not find the clip to be very funny at all.

He posted it to warn others and let them know that they should avoid this Wendy’s at all costs. We are glad that he did as this is a health hazard. The comments on Connor’s post were understandable. “I hope everybody got fired,” said one of the commentators.

Team Schostak Family Restaurants was contacted by Delish about the matter. This group owns 56 restaurants, including this one. Christian Camp is their vice president of human resources and he issued a strong statement on this matter, according to Delish. All of the employees who were involved in the making of this video were terminated immediately. Furthermore, the entire restaurant was sanitized from top to bottom.

From there, the Health Department paid the location a visit and found that there were no violations to report.

Without the employee’s in question and after a thorough sanitation, this Wendy’s location is back to running as before. In fact, it’s probably a cleaner option since management (and the rest of the world) will be on high alert following this incident.

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