Artist Embroiders 3D Hairstyles Of People Enjoying A Clear Night Sky

Embroidery artist Maria from Desert Eclipse Studio has found an incredibly clever way to incorporate the joys of stargazing into her art. The circular canvases feature one to three people gazing at dots of stars as their hair flows.

In order to create these cool pieces, Maria incorporates loose strands of threads and yarns in order to mimic hair – be it curly coifs, long straight strands, or beautiful braids. Every figure is facing away from the viewer in order for the special effect of making their hair the centerpiece.

Through the Desert Eclipse Studio, Maria sells ready-made pieces, but she also takes on custom orders. Anyone who is commissioning a custom order can request any hair color plus a variety of hairstyles.

In addition to the conventional hairstyles, Maria has shown that she can also style the fancier and challenging hairstyles in her work – she has even stitched flower crowns or done multicolored styles using several shades of thread. Either way, Maria gives every coif a lot of volume and realism, making these art pieces incredibly unique.

Check out some of our favorites below:

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