Elderly Couple Sees Son Turned His Basement Into Refurbished Suite For Them

As Bonnie and George Miller entered their golden years together, Bonnie’s body started to give, while George’s mind began to slip.

Both 87, the elderly couple has had to rely on each other to function as normally and independently as possible.

Their son, Schon, has been very worried about them. He knows how much Bonnie and George love and need one another, and he couldn’t bare the thought of seeing them end up in a nursing home. That was the last thing he wanted for his parents.

When Bonnie fell and broke her shoulder, Schon and his wife, Jeannie, started exploring different senior living options.

They looked for a home that came with an in-law suite. These suites are small dwellings located either on the same property as or attached to a single-family home, so an aging family member(s) can live with privacy while remaining close to loved ones.

But Schon and Jeannie couldn’t find what they were looking for. So they came up with a heart-melting plan.

The couple from Bremen, Ohio, blew a hole in their basement wall. They removed everything from their rec room, from their pool table to the karaoke machine. They completely turned their basement into a fully furnished and fully functional suite just for his parents.

Watch as Schon surprises Bonnie and George with their beautiful brand-new living space. Bonnie, understandably, breaks down in tears.

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