Eggs Six Ways


Eggs are incredible for so many reasons! Where do we begin? They are definitely an easy source of protein, extremely cheap, and there are countless ways to cook them. It’s really how eggs are prepared that empowers even the most inexperienced cook to achieve not only out of this world flavors, but various textures that can please even the pickiest eater. When you really think about it, texture is a pretty important runner up to good taste when it comes to eggs don’t you think?

That’s why proper technique and the freshest eggs you can find will always make a huge difference as to just how good your own version turns out. So, rather than giving you specific recipes this time we decided to share six different ways to inspire and ensure that your own eggs turn out pretty darn perfect. After all, eggs can be simple, but it’s easy tips like these that can make your efforts look and taste just that much better….



Poaching is cooking an egg with simmering hot water so that it becomes almost like a tender little globe with a runny, but cooked yolk. Not your typical way to cook an egg, it can be a bit overwhelming for anyone, but you can breathe easy thanks to these fun and easy steps. We promise they will turn your eggs into little white pillows, bursting with buttery yellow yolks when you cut them open. They also taste amazing on top of toast or even compliment salads and vegetables if you crave something yummy for lunch.

You’re going to need a slotted spoon (one with holes for draining), a pot filled halfway with water, and a clean dish towel or paper towels. Fill your pot halfway with water and bring it to almost a simmer stovetop, steamy and hot with no bubbles!


Meanwhile, get a very small bowl or tea cup and line it with a piece of plastic wrap, cut it large enough that the edges can be tied together.


Crack one egg into the cup and over the plastic without breaking the egg. Add a teaspoon of lemon juice, salt and pepper if you want on top, then tie the wrap around the egg into a knot, creating a round shape no larger than an uncracked egg. Grab another egg and repeat the process.


Gently drop in your wrapped egg packets and let them cook for 5-6 minutes.


Remove the eggs and place on a plate, carefully cutting away the plastic without cutting into the egg. You should have a nice and round poached egg that is ready to serve.


Note: You can also poach an egg without the plastic, but to still get a nice shape by cracking an egg into a mesh strainer so the liquid parts come through. Then put the egg in a small cup or teacup with a 1 teaspoon of lemon juice before gently lowering into the simmered water. Let the eggs sit without moving for 4-5 minutes and remove with a slotted spoon, removing the excess water before serving.

Easy Tips for Reheating or Feeding a Crowd

If you plan to serve a group of people poached eggs later or even the next day, you can easily cool your poached eggs down in a bowl of ice water for a few minutes, then transfer them inside a sealed container, still in water to reheat later. When you’re ready to reheat, simmer a pot of water and gently float your previously poached eggs for one minute, remove and then carefully blot off any excess water before serving. Salt, pepper, fresh herbs or even a dash of salsa taste great on top!

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