You Can Now Gift Realistic Heart Chocolates To Your Loved One On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is usually for the romantic but if your loved one has a love of all things creepy, you might want to check out the new kid on the block. A food artist is now creating life-like hearts made from chocolate according to Strange and Creepy. They are created at the Edible Museum by Sarah Hardy from scratch with incredible results.

The creepy chocolate hearts are made from milk, dark and white chocolate. They are also hollow. Sarah spoke with Entertainment Daily and said that many people take a look at the heart and refuse to eat it. She said, “The human heart is gorgeous and was a perfect Valentine’s surprise for my beloved.”

Some have decided to use them as decorations after choosing not to eat them. They are sometimes admired for their beauty but there are some people who are just freaked out over it. She paints the chocolate hearts manually to give it a realistic look.

Sarah said that milk chocolate is the option that people choose most. You will have to pay $33 plus postage for the hearts and if you are ready to order, you can do so here.

The heart weighs around 6 oz and is a popular option among doctors and those who just love creepy things.

A CrowdFunder project got the Edible Museum started in 2016 by raising $14,036 of its $13,204 goal. It only took 35 days and 116 supports to do it.

Sarah said, “Thank you so much to all our funders. We have built a studio for The Edible Museum’s sweet alchemy and supporters can come along to the website and see what we are up to.”

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Just completed these plaster copies of my chocolate copies of nature’s work. I’m in a post modern simulacra spin! Designed to withstand the curiosity of brick and mortar retail customers who need to get a good view of what they’re buying without damaging the real chocolates. I hope you think they look close enough to my actual chocolates? @wellcomecollection will be the first to receive them so take a look on Euston Rd London soon. . . #shopdummies #retaildisplay #artistatwork #inthestudio #sciart #anatomicalart #chocolateheart #cardiology #medicalgifts #HEart #cardioart #anatomyart #brain #ChocolateBrain #neuroanatomy #neurology #centralnervoussystem #HumanBrain #anatomy #sciart #HumanAnatomy #anatomy-art #doctor #nurse #medicalstudent

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Sarah said she is also able to take commissions if someone wants a custom design.

She added, “If you peeked into the studio now, I might be creating beautiful custom-made chocolate shells for a bride’s wedding favors. Or it could be edible human hearts for Paramount Picture’s horror film launch. Whatever the design, The Edible Museum is always creating memorable chocolate gifts that taste like heaven.”

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Naked Chocolate Toad gets painted while spinning to the sound of the his mating call. Now that’s entertainment 🎥 🍿 🐸 I took him to the dentist and for a walk in the woods too. Think living out here on my own is sending me potty. . The Wildlife Trust says ‘Smaller than the common toad, the natterjack toad is very rare. This amphibian breeds in warm, shallow pools on sand dunes and sandy heaths in just a handful of special places in England and Scotland; sadly, just one or two colonies now remain in South East England and East Anglia. Natterjack toads are mainly nocturnal; in the spring, the males all sing together at night to attract females and their calls can be heard up to a mile away!’ #EndangeredBritishSpecies #Herpetology #Natterjack #toad #frog #EndangeredSpecies #ChocolateFrog #ChocolateToad #wildlife #countrysidegifts #HarryPotterChocolate #Halloweengifts #Halloween #

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Sarah is looking to take her brand up a notch after Valentine’s day. She said, “Imagine a natural history museum […] in chocolate.”

That being said, the Edible Museum does not limit itself to internal organs. There are many other options to choose from, including toads, insects, and starfish.

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