Easy Shiplap Bathroom Makeover

If you’re a fan of home makeover shows, then you’re undoubtedly familiar with the newest trend – shiplap! For those unfamiliar with the trend, it’s basically just covering your walls with overlapping boards, usually horizontally. The boards are typically distressed or painted, giving the overall rustic feel, or textured elegance, depending on how you dress it up. Here in this tutorial, we see one bathroom transformed from a 90s style complete with floral wallpaper, to a chic, modern bathroom!

Prep Walls

First things first. You’ll need to prep your walls – whatever that looks like for you. Strip off the wallpaper (or just paint over it like they did in this tutorial), or paint over whatever color you have in there. The goal is to get the walls the same, white color. Make sure to take off any fixtures on the walls before painting!

Measure And Place Boards

Next, take measurements of the walls you want to cover, and get to cutting your plywood! You can opt to do the boards all in the same size, running the entire length of the wall, or you can vary the placement and have your borads lay more like bricks. It all depends on your preferences.


Next step: Paint! You can go with a clean, modern look and paint the boards white, or you can go for a more distressed look by experimenting with chalk paints and other painting techniques. You can stain the wood as well. It all depends on what kind of look you’re going for!

Paint Floors (Optional Step)

There are a few ways to tackle the floor. You can take the time to pull up and replace the tiles, or go the more budget friendly route and paint the tile! The key to this method is to get a good floor sealer to protect the paint. Of course, you can just leave the floor if that’s what you prefer!

Finished Bathroom

This bathroom looks completely different! It went from floral wallpaper and gold trim, to a chic, modern black and white theme complete with shiplap. It’s amazing what a few well-placed boards and a coat of paint can do to a room!

Get more in-depth instructions in the video below!

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