Easy & Beautiful Gourd Lights

We’re all about that seasonal decor, and autumn is one of our favorite seasons to decorate for! There are a few holidays during the fall that require special decorations – Halloween and Thanksgiving. While we love getting to make and display crafts and decor items for each, it’s nice to have a few items that can stay up from September until November, don’t you think? These gourd lights are one of those decorations! Perfect for Halloween as well as Thanksgiving, this is one DIY you won’t want to miss.

Step 1: Pick & Clean Gourds

It’s not hard to find tubs overflowing with seasonal gourds in all shapes, sizes, and colors. For this project, go ahead and pick out three or four gourds in different sizes. Feel free to mix and match, depending on the look you’re going for! Once you have your gourds, go ahead and cut a hole at the bottom and clean them out. Some you can cut off the top to use as a lid, while others you might want to keep in tact.

Step 2: Draw & Drill

Next, draw on a design with a pencil, making sure to keep it pretty flowing and open. Don’t make the design too detailed, as you’ll be following it with a drill. Once you’re satisfied with your design, use different sized drill bits to follow the lines. Alternatively, you can carve out designs like you might a pumpkin. Once you are satisfied with your work, fill a bucket with water and bleach and leave the gourds submerged for at least ten minutes. This will prevent mold growth as well as deter bugs.

Step 3: Embellish

When the gourds are dry from their bleach bath, go ahead and paint on different designs, or experiement with stains and other treatments to get the look you want. The sky is the limit here! This is your chance to really make the project your own and fit it to your personal style.

Final Result

We think these turned out great! What’s not to love about this addition to the fall mantle? You can use these lanterns inside as well as outside the home. Wouldn’t these make for great porch decor as well?

Get the full instructions in the video below!

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