What Is Your Earwax Trying To Tell You About Your Health?

Earwax. Like most things your body produces, it’s kind of gross, but it actually says a lot about your overall health. Some doctors rely on other things first as indicators for health – snot, urine, etc., but if you’re paying attention to your earwax, it’s actually trying to tell you about your health too! Earwax can vary in color, consistency, and frequency. Each of these variables can tell you something about your body!

Brown Colored Earwax

There are many factors that contribute to the color of earwax, from envoronmental factors to hormone levels. If you notice your earwax is thick and brown as opposed to pasty and yellow in color, chances are you’re going through a stressful situation. Sometimes the increased stress hormone can cause earwax to build up and change colors.

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