$1.7 Million Off-Road Camper Van Can Sleep 6 People

If your New Year’s resolution is to spend more time adventuring out on the road, then this rugged-yet-luxurious RV line might just be the thing for you. We’re talking sleek, long countertops in a full kitchen, the great outdoors at your doorstep, and a rainwater shower.

Granted, all this luxury does come with a price, as this dream RV, the EarthRoamer XV-HD, starts at $1.7 million.

The XV-HD is built on a four-wheel drive Ford F-750 chassis and can sleep six people.

EarthRoamer is known for its luxury four-wheel drive campers and trucks, all of which brings plenty of style to their interiors, as well as top-of-the-line features. The company has created its range of expedition vehicles based on luxury. And according to Curbed, while they’re not all as expensive as the XV-HD, they aren’t cheap either. For example, the XV-LTS starts at $438,000.

But the XV-HD is the pinnacle of luxury expedition vehicles.

And, it comes custom-made in order to fit your individual needs. Each XV-HD has a diesel turbo engine, a vacuum-infused, molded-composite camper body, and massive fuel and water tanks for long-range trips – the XV-HD can hold 115 gallons of diesel as well as 250 gallons of freshwater.

It also has a solar array for 2,100 watts of solar power, as well as a 20,000 watt-hour battery bank.

Inside, there is a king-size mattress in a lofted bedroom – the three steps leading up to it have extra storage space – as well as a dining room that converts to more sleeping space for additional guests.

The kitchen is quite spacious and has a three-burner induction cooktop, Bosch microwave/convection oven, fridge, a washer/dryer and a large counter fitted with a stainless steel sink. Plus, there’s plenty of comfortable seating.

This is one cozy expedition vehicle since it comes with all that plus in-floor radiant heat and the full-size shower.

Besides all the luxury perks inside that take the discomfort out of camping, this vehicle model also provides greater fuel, water, solar and battery capacities.

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