Dunkaroos Are Officially Coming Back To Stores This Summer

Dunkaroos may have been one of the top snacks of the 1990’s and they are poised to make a triumphant return to store shelves. If you are anything like us, this news has you very excited. We cannot wait to relive our childhood and pass these snacks down to the little ones of today. They are officially returning this year and the Internet is absolutely overjoyed.

Joy is to be expected. 90’s nostalgia is at an all-time high. All of the parents who were children back then are ready to pass down their 90’s favorites to their kiddos. Dunkaroos is confirming the news reports. According to their Twitter, the snack should be back on store shelves by summertime. Have you ever heard of a Dunkaroo in the past?

If not, this is your cue to shake your head and say, “okay, boomer.” It’s okay, we won’t be bothered one bit. We are too busy being excited about the return of these snacks to be offended. All jokes aside, we have been hurting ever since the Dunkaroos were discontinued back in 2012. For the longest time, it seemed like we would never have the chance to enjoy them again.

There used to be a number of different flavors to choose from. But, according to Today, Dunkaroos is making its return in the most popular flavor: Vanilla Frosting with Rainbow Sprinkles and Vanilla Cookies.

The only downside is that no one seems to know exactly when the cookies are going to be returning. Summertime is a pretty vague answer, isn’t it?

Summer could mean just about anything. We could start seeing these cookies in stores come May. Or we may have to wait until just before school starts again. That’s your cue to start patrolling the snack aisles at your local supermarket now. Shakedown anyone you have to for more information. Hopefully, these cookies will be available by the time we are able to hang out on the porch.

Even if we can’t be young again, we can still eat like it. Right? Please be sure to pass this story along to your friends and loved ones who also find themselves missing the Dunkaroos of their youth. All nostalgia isn’t good nostalgia, but we are going out on a limb to say this qualifies. Pass it along!

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