Super Simple $20 Door Upgrade

How many of us have these plain, white doors around the house? Sure, they are functional and get the job done, but sometimes it’s nice to add a little flare and personal detail to things. That’s what this home DIY project is all about – upgrading those boring doors into something fun and interesting to look at. Go ahead and see how you can get this faux fancy door for around $20!

First things first – you have to measure and mark out the area where you want to put the moulding. Of course, it will depend on the size of your door. In this example, they marked five inches from the top and sides, and six inches from the bottom. Then, draw lines as a guide of where to put the moulding.

Go to your hardware or lumber store and pick up some 8 foot half inch round moulding. For a more professional look, cut to the measurements with a mitered cut. If you dn’t have a mitre saw, you can pick up a mitre box at the hardware store to make things easier.

Once you have your pieces cut down to size, it’s time to paint and glue! When adding the moulding to the door, place painter’s tape every few inches to secure the wood to the door until it’s dry. That’s it! Go ahead and watch the video below for more detailed instructions.

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