5 Brilliant Ways To Repurpose Dollar Store Rugs!

Rag Wreath

This is such a fun and easy project, and a great way to reuse an old rug – or a rug from the dollar store! Simply cut the rug so the different strands are separate, and tie them onto a metal wreath form. Of course, you can add your own flair to the wreath as you see fit.

Floor Pillow

Who doesn’t pillows? We certainly do! unfortunately, they are always so expensive! Well, with four dollar store rugs and a couple of old throw pillows that you can pick up at a thrift store, you can have a fun and eclectic pillow! The rugs make it perfect for this oversized pillow to be used on the floor or as a pet bed.

Potted Plant Upgrade

We are constantly looking for fun and funky pots for our plants, and this rug upgrade sure fits the ticket. Simply cut the rug to size and attach it to the plain pot with some E6000 glue. You’ll want to trace the bottom of the pot and cut out either some fabric or possibly some cardboard to glue to the bottom in order to keep the frayed ends of the rug sealed.

Watch the video below for even more brilliant ways to recycle dollar store rugs!

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