How To Make A DIY Wood-Fired Stock Tank Hot Tub

DIY projects come and go but one of the more popular includes creating things for your backyard from stock tanks. It often involves some type of summer DIY project, such as a swimming pool or a bathtub but you can also create something for your backyard this winter as well. Namely, we are talking about stock tank hot tubs.

Ben Uyeda is the designer for HomeMade Modern and the brainchild behind this unique DIY project. He even created a video so that you can put one together for yourself. Provided you have the tools, you will spend less than $300 on the project and if you are handy, it will take about two hours of your time. When you consider the cost of a standard hot tub, this DIY project is a true bargain.

Some of the things you will need to create the wood-fired hot tub include a large stock tank, gravel, concrete, copper tubing, and some pipe fixtures. You will also need firewood to get things working.

Most backyards would benefit from the country charm offered by such a DIY project. It’s also a great way to relax when the weather gets cooler.

Photo: Youtube / HomemadeModern


50LB Fast Set Concrete Mix ($38,

Quikrete Gravel ($41,

169 Gallon Stock Tank ($144,

Push-To-Connect Fitting ($7,

Through Wall Pipe Fitting ($13,

Copper Tubing ($31,

Here’s the video for your reference:

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