DIY Skull Sunflowers Will Make Your House A Hit On Halloween

Beejay Oslon, a father of two and an artist from Eugene, Oregon, always wanted to make decorating their home on Halloween a family tradition.

Each year he would add things to his spooky decor, from flowers with eyeballs to homemade gravestones.

Oslon shares photos of his creations on hisInstagram account and went viral recently after posting a photo of his DIY skull flowers.

“For the last three years, our displays have grown little by little,” Oslon told TODAY Home. “After Halloween last year, I knew I wanted to really do something special. I was shopping all the sales after Halloween, collecting discount plastic skulls, lights and other props to use the following year. When I saw these giant sunflowers at a craft store, I thought they’d make such a unique prop. Something no one else had.”

Oslon has created an entire skeleton garden outside his home with a skeleton pouring water onto a bed of flowers from a skull watering can.

His Instagram followers are begging the artist to sell his creations online but he isn’t quite sure if he wants to make a profit off his viral fame.

He does, however, tell his followers how to make them at home: “The basics of the flowers are really simple,” said Oslon. “Find some plastic skulls and flowers that fit together well size-wise, then you simply cut the back off the skulls and hot glue them to the flowers.”

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