Disneyland Paris Is Set To Open A ‘Frozen’-Themed Park In 2023

Disney fans, brace yourselves! A new Frozen-inspired theme-land will be coming to the Disneyland in Paris. Lips have been pretty tight on all the happenings, but here is what we do know.

The park won’t be expected to open until 2023. And according to Yahoo, the @OutsidEarsDLP Twitter account released some blueprints to show how it will be integrated into Paris’s Disneyland. From the looks of things, it will be quite massive.

The account followed up with a tweet to say the area will feature “an aquatic attraction, two shops as well as a restaurant, and a meeting place with the two queens of Arendelle.”

Yahoo clarified that there will be a 7.5 acre lake and a show hosted there that has 360-degree seating. We can only imagine how incredible that will be. Plus, there will be a model of Elsa’s ice castle. No doubt many of us will be belting out our renditions of “Let It Go.”

Even though there hasn’t been much information coming out of Disneyland Paris, that is totally ok. Based on what we’ve heard, it is going to be incredible, which makes us almost ok to not know more. Surprises are fun. Now to just book that plane ticket and hotel…

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