Disneyland Has A Secret Restaurant With A 14-Year Waiting List

Many of us have been to Disneyland. But how many of us have been to the exclusive restaurant in Disney? Perhaps one of the happiest places on Earth’s worst-kept secret is their Club 33 – an elite, 5-star restaurant only accessible through membership. But, if you’re thinking about joining the membership list get in line – a 14-year line! That is correct, it is said to have a 14-year waiting list.

This restaurant is located at the top of the staircase in Disneyland’s New Orleans Square.

It isn’t just exclusive because of its long waitlist for membership – it’s actually the membership process coupled with the restaurant’s history that makes the club so posh and private.

Way back in 1964 during the New York’s World Fair, one of those 51 million people in attendance happened to be Walt Disney himself. It was during this fair that Walt started approaching large corporations about an investment preposition: Disneyland. He managed to get backing in the form of Ford, General Electric, Pepsi-Cola, and the State of Illinois.

Combining these investors’ money and Walt’s creativity, that is how you had the resulting rides and attractions such as “It’s A Small World,” “Ford’s Magic Skyway,” “Progressland,” and “Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln.”

During his time at the 1964 World Fair, while he was hustling for sponsorship, Walt was invited to several private VIP lounges within these corporations.

Hence his other idea: to create an exclusive Disneyland lounge for his investors. And that is when, in 1967, he created the private VIP lounge that we know as Club 33.

So, where did Walt come up with the name? It actually isn’t that creative, it’s just the address: 33 Royal Street.

However, fun fact, there is also a different attraction named for the 33 corporations that originally sponsored Disneyland.

So, want to get to experience life behind the velvet rope at Disneyland? It’s actually not cheap. It is rumored that a membership to Club 33 costs $25,000, plus the additional $12,000 in annual fees. Of course, that is only if they’re accepting new members. There are some years when they don’t.

But before you can start paying for your membership, you have to write a letter of inquiry to the Club 33 services in California. If a membership is available, they’ll contact you.

Personally, I’d rather just stick with the annual pass and the churros. What about you?

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