Photographer Transforms Pregnant Women Into Disney Princesses

Most mothers will tell you that pregnancy was a magical time in their life, but most pregnant women will complain more about swollen ankles, heartburn, and the discomfort associated with pregnancy. If you would like to feel a little more magical during the time that you are pregnant, then you may want to turn your sights to Brazilian photographer Vanessa Firme.

Vanessa is responsible for some of the more interesting maternity photoshoots that we have seen. She takes those expectant mothers and turns them into Disney princesses. It provides a keepsake that they will treasure and pass on to their children.

The mother starts out dressed up as her favorite Disney Princess. It doesn’t matter if she is The Little Mermaid or Cinderella, the real point is to show off her belly.

Vanessa gave an interview to Insider and said she wanted to show the reality of what would happen to a Disney Princess after the movie ends. “I thought, this must be what happens after ‘happily ever after,’” she said.

In an interview Vanessa provided with The Indian Express, she said the inspiration for these unique photoshoots comes from a maternity dress she received.

It was a custom-made dress from maternity designer Amada Mae designed after the Disney princess, Belle. It was created around the same time that the remake of Beauty and the Beast was released in 2017.

In her interview with Insider, Vanessa said that she felt Disney princesses provided an opportunity for mothers to celebrate their pregnancy because they’re “a great inspiration to children in the world.”

It isn’t just Disney princesses who happen to make it into her photoshoots. She has also done pictures that focused on Princess Fiona from Shrek and it even included the ogre ears.

It was inevitable that the pictures of these pregnant Disney princesses would go viral. When speaking to Metro, she discussed how much she loves her job. “It is very fun and pleasurable to see someone transform into a princess and I often think about how it will be written in family history,” she said.

Her photographs are more than just simple pictures. “These photos tell mothers that they can all be whoever they want to be,” she told “Good Morning America.”

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