Discoveries That Could Change History As We Know It

Most of us know that history is not necessarily set in stone, no pun intended. In fact, a lot of history books are biased or just straight up wrong. However, even the most objective and well-researched subjects in history can change depending on newly discovered evidence. Here are a few of those history-altering discoveries!

1. Bosnian Pyramids

You probably grew up learning that the great pyramids in Egypt were some of the largest and most mind-boggling structures of the ancient world. And while that may be true, some lesser-known and more recently discovered pyramids actually rival the great Egyptian pyramids in both size and mystery. The largest Bosnian Pyramid is over seven hundred feet tall, whereas the largest Egyptian pyramid is around five-hundred feet tall. What’s more, is that the four corners of each of these pyramids line up almost exactly with the four points of a compass, which would have been a seemingly impossible task in ancient times.

2. The First Case Of Breast Cancer

It is the common belief that illnesses such as breast cancer and heart disease are a modern medical problem. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth! Several mummies over two-thousand years old show signs of breast cancer and heart disease. The mummies were tested and scanned, and the results came back positive. It’s amazing the things we can uncover using modern technology!

3. Orichalcum Ingots From… Atlantis?

Ok, so these ingots probably don’t prove the ancient mythical city of Atlantis, but they are still an amazing find. Orichalcum is a very rare metal, and it is virtually impossible to find. However, not too long ago, over a dozen orichalcum ingots were found deep in the ocean off the coast of Sicily. They were dated at over twenty-five-hundred years old. If nothing else, this changes our perception of the kinds of technology ancient civilizations had at the time.

4. Life On Mars

The idea of Mars being able to sustain life has been of great interest within the scientific community, particularly because of the planet’s proximity and potential to sustain human life. Scientists discovered what appears to be remnants of a huge lake in the northern part of the planet, which suggests that at one point, at least, there was life on Mars.

5. Oracle Bone Writing

Eighty-two old stones were found scattered about the southwestern united states. They were over three-thousand years old, to be exact. The writing on the stones was found to be oracle bone writing – which is one of the oldest scripts known to man. It originated in ancient China. These writings describe a journey that was taken to a new world. Could it be possible that the ancient Chinese were among the first to discover America?

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