You Can Now Get A Hammock That Fits Under Your Desk So You Can Take Naps at Work

I’m sure that all of us have struggled at some point or another to stay awake at work. Perhaps we had a long night the night before and now that the middle of the afternoon has arrived, we can barely keep our eyes open. If you have ever experienced this feeling, you will appreciate the Under Desk Hammock. It’s a unique contraption that fits under standing desks and allows you to take a nap in the middle of the day.

The hammock is easy to install and it comes in blue or gray, which are perfect colors for sleeping. Just click the hammock onto the frame using the included carabiners. At that point, you install two anchor plates on the frame using the mounting points.

That’s all there is to it because the next step is catching some z’s.

You can purchase the hammocks for $55 on the Uplift Desk’s website. They also discuss the features of the hammock in greater detail:

Transform your UPLIFT V2 Standing Desk into a place where you can relax and recharge (or take a midday nap) with the Under Desk Hammock

Impress your coworkers and friends with this unique conversation piece, available in either gray or blue

Quickly clip the hammock onto the sturdy UPLIFT V2 Frame using the included carabiners-and remove it just as quickly

No need to drill any holes; just install two anchor plates on the frame using our patent-pending mounting points

Use the Connect mobile app to change the height of your hammock, making it easy to get in or out when you’re ready to lie down or stand back up

The hammock comes with its own storage bag, which stays attached so it won’t get lost. While you’re kicking back under your desk, the bag doubles as a handy place to keep your phone, glasses, or bottled drink.

If your boss isn’t necessarily on board with you taking a nap in the middle of the day, you might want to talk to him about some of the studies that show the benefits of napping.

This includes a study in Nature Neuroscience, in which researchers found that a 30-minute nap stopped the drop in performance experienced by the participants of the study. When someone took a 60-minute nap, their performance improved.

According to studies at the University of California and Harvard Medical School, napping makes you more creative by boosting your right brain activity. If you nap to the point where you get some deep REM sleep, it causes an even greater boost in creativity.

The Mayo Clinic even chimes in, telling you that the best time to nap is around 2 or 3 PM after you have lunch. Your nap should last anywhere from 10-13 minutes but taking a longer nap could leave you groggy.

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