Supermarket In Denmark Is Using A Pricing Trick To Keep People From Overbuying Sanitizer

If we happen to make our way to the supermarket during the coronavirus outbreak, we might just find that there are several things in short supply. This includes hand sanitizer, which seems to have disappeared from the shelves quite some time ago.

Although washing your hands properly is the best way to kill germs, the use of hand sanitizers can be effective in a pinch. The thing is, most people would not need more than a single bottle at a time, but people are panicking and buying quite a few. Some stores have even implemented a “one bottle per customer” limit, but people are still finding a way to hoard it.

In Denmark, there is a store that has come up with a rather unique solution that guarantees sanitizers will stay on the shelves, even as the pandemic is raging.

The name of the supermarket is Rotunden and they have raised the prices of hand sanitizers out of the reach of most people. The way that they did it, however, is that the price increase happens on the second bottle. According to their price schedule, you can buy a single bottle of hand sanitizer for around $4 but if you want to buy two bottles, you will pay $95! You would have to be desperate to buy more than one bottle.

The store is also saying that families who come into the store together should really only buy one bottle per family, not one per person.

“We have a great responsibility to keep the business running, and we can only do that with everyone’s help and understanding,” the company explains on a Facebook post.

Hand sanitizer hoarding corrected? Check! Now let’s do something about the toilet paper issue.

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