These Blackout Curtains Make You Feel Like Living In A NYC Penthouse

Sleep is so important. We all need our 8 hours of rest, but some of us might be more sensitive than others. I can sleep through anything – earthquakes, a sunrise, the garbage trucks in the morning, you name it. But my partner gets the slightest hint of sunlight and she can’t fall back asleep. For people like that, those who can’t handle sleeping in an environment where light might mess with their sleep cycles, blackout shades come in handy.

These innovations aren’t always the prettiest. I mean, they usually come in dark, boring shades as they’re meant to literally block out all light. But one company based in Ukraine called HoleRoll has come up with a fun way of making these normally boring curtains chic.

Photo: Holeroll

This company has created designs that, when you wake up, make you feel like you’re waking up to scene urban setting. The curtains actually have small puncture holes where little bits of light come through and gives the illusion of a cityscape at night. You have choices to choose from, such as the NYC or London skylines.

While it’s dark outside, it’s a pure blackout, but in the morning, it’s a pleasant thing to naturally wake up to.

Photo: Holeroll

The curtains are available on Amazon, where the product description states, “Not only do the Hole make a beautiful design right onto the curtain, but it’ll also cast light and designs onto whatever the light hits, whether it’s the floor, the wall, or the ceiling.

The hole cut light design curtains come in a few different designs to choose from of different city landscapes.”

Photo: Holeroll

The product description continues, saying, “The blackout curtains with the unique hole cutout city designs will give your home or apartment an incredible touch of sophistication, and will surely be an instant conversation piece of anyone who lays eyes on your curtains.”

According to their website, “Once you roll it out and the room becomes involved in the pleasant half-light, and outside the window appears a beautiful view of the night city or the night sky.”

Photo: Holeroll

The design is on rollers, meaning that the curtain can be pulled down whenever it’s being used. The curtain is made out of a German fabric which is doesn’t allow any light to penetrate the space – giving you the dark desired effect of a complete blackout. The curtain is also coated with an anti-static and dust-proof substance.

On the backside of the curtain, it’s white and glossy in order to avoid the sun’s glare. There is no doubt that these curtain designs will elevate your space’s design, and will make a great addition to any room or office space.

Photo: Holeroll

The best part is that these curtains can be customized, meaning you can choose all the details such as the width, height, control chain, color, type of roller blind – and most importantly, the city landscape. If you aren’t necessarily set on an urban setting you can always opt for the Starry Nights sky.

With so many options, who wouldn’t want one of these? What do you think of these blackout curtains? Would you want to purchase one?

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