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Deaf Woman Can Hear Again But Mother-In-Law Has No Clue Ellen Knows The Truth About Her Actions

Sarah Churman has been deaf for the majority of her life. She was born without the hairs in her ears that absorb sound, so even though she’s a married mother of two, she had no idea what her husband or two children sounded like.

A few years ago in 2011, Sarah found out about a new implant that had great potential to help her hear again. She was very excited to try anything out in order to be able to hear the voices of her beloved family. There was, however, a catch. The procedure was $30,000 per ear, and insurance wouldn’t cover it. Sarah’s hopes started to fade.

Sarah’s mother-in-law made her an offer she couldn’t refuse. Her mother-in-law was by no means rich; in fact, she had to cash in her small retirement fund to pay for the procedure. “Sarah is the best daughter-in-law in the world,” she said. She insists that Sarah is worth every penny.

When Sarah finally received her implant, the video of her hearing for the first time immediately went viral, and it’s not hard to see why. Check out the video below!


The emotionally charged video even caught the eye of Ellen Degeneres, who invited Sarah and her family to appear on “The Ellen Show.” As per usual, Ellen didn’t just want to discuss Sarah’s life and the change having an implant has made…


In an incredible act of generosity, not only did Degeneres surprise Sarah with the news that Envoy Medical Corporation – the company that supplied Sarah with the original implant – would be covering the cost of her next procedure, but she also gave the family a $30,000 check to pay her mother-in-law back!

Watch the emotional exchange unfold in this tear-jerking video below!

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