You Will Soon Be Able To Experience A Batman-Themed Restaurant In London

While the idea of a Batman-themed restaurant probably sounds awesome to most of us DC lovers, an entire experience with five different restaurants and three different bars to choose from sounds even better. London is welcoming just that: an immersive restaurant experience this year and, you guessed it, it’s batman-themed.

The fully immersive experience is inspired by your favorite Batman characters. You’ll need to mentally prepare yourself and start shopping for plane tickets. The restaurant is scheduled to open later this year. Park Row has been named after the section of Gotham where Bruce Wayne’s parents were killed. The venue is located in Soho and it is quite massive.

The basement venue holds 330 people, spanning over 18,000 square feet. The Iceberg Lounge pays homage to The Penguin, with plenty of live entertainment. If you’re looking for a top-notch omakase restaurant, Harley Quinn is here to help. Old Gotham City allows you to have plenty of drinks in the most villainous speakeasy that the city of Gotham has to offer.

Pennyworth’s is inspired by the one and only Alfred, providing all kinds of British cuisine. Those who are looking for the finest of dining can head to The Monarch Theatre. Yes, it is named for the exact theatre where Bruce Wayne’s parents met their untimely demise. A multi-sensory tasting menu is on hand here, utilizing projection mapping technology.

It is said to allow patrons to delve into the psychology of heroism while they eat. If you would like to dine at The Monarch Theatre, be prepared to open your wallet as the experience will set you back about $150. We have no doubt that it is totally worth it, though. The other restaurants fall somewhere in the $60 range, if you are looking for a slightly less-costly night out.

Wonderland Restaurants is the group of industry specialists that is responsible for this idea. There is no official opening date at the current moment, but it’s thought to be opening in 2020. Park Row is posting pictures on their Instagram page to pique in the meantime.

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