Artist Carves Detailed Masterpieces Into Everyday Foods

As children, we were always told not to play with our food. Perhaps if our parents hadn’t taught us such good manners, maybe we’d have grown up to create such magical art with our food. But I guess we’ll never know if we could’ve grown up to be like artist Daniele Barresi.

The award-winning Barresi is a master carver. However, he creates his works of art on materials that are somewhat unconventional. While most would expect him to use materials like wood or marble, he prefers to carve into items that are much closer to home and easily accessible: food!

Barresi normally digs into fruits, vegetables, or cheese in order to create some incredibly jaw-dropping works of art. On his unconventional canvases, Barresi manages to unlock some beautiful flowers and creatures with the ease of his hands.

Speaking of his food art carvings, Barresi almost likens them to a spiritual process saying, “When I touch my knife, my mind gives up to the heart and transmits directly to the hands, giving different forms to the decorations. It’s like magic.”

There is no doubt when looking at his artwork that there is some serious passion behind his work. The detail that he can achieve is thanks to his tools that include knives, scalpels, peelers, and melon ballers – all items that you can find in the kitchen. However, these works don’t belong on a dinner plate, but rather in a museum.

Check out some of our favorite pieces below:

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