The Whipped Coffee Recipe That Went Viral

Look at this amazing coffee treat! Would you believe it comes from freeze-dried instant coffee crystals?! This whipped coffee, otherwise known as dalgona coffee, went viral on the social media app, Tik Tok. Since then, the internet has blown up with others trying the magical coffee.

It all started in South Korea a few weeks ago. Thanks to being stuck at home and dealing with a terrible case of cabin fever, some creative people decided to try an experiment with coffee crystals to see if they could make coffee whipped cream, of sorts.

The recipe is incredibly easy. It’s just a one-to-one ratio of coffee crystals, water, and sugar. Using a hand mixer, simply beat the coffee sludge until it’s light and fluffy. Add a dollop onto a glass of milk and enjoy! Though, you may want to actually stir the coffee whipped cream into the milk before drinking to get the best flavor.

The result? Creamy, dreamy, delicious coffee foam that you can place on top of milk for a unique way to have your daily cup of joe (or three cups… no judgment here).

And how does it taste, you might wonder? Like a rich, caramel coffee with a hint of classic coffee bitterness, which is balanced out by the milk and sugar. You can also get creative and try other versions of this with cocoa powder or matcha powder. The results may vary a bit since the powders are finer than the coffee crystals, but once you mix it into the milk, you’ll be all good!

Get the recipe in the video below!

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