You Can Now Buy A Scarf That Looks Like A Really Long CVS Receipt

If you have ever made a purchase at a CVS pharmacy, you have probably been the recipient of an extremely long receipt at the cash register. When it starts printing and continues to print, you might even get a chuckle from the employee when they see the look on your face. This fact has inspired some interesting fashion, including Receipt Scarves that look like a long CVS bill. You can purchase them on Etsy from StuffUHaveTheyWant for about $20.

The official description reads: “Please keep in mind that this is a novelty item. It is just for a laugh. It won’t save your life if you are stranded in Antarctica. The fleece scarf is 60 inches long and 12 inches wide. A customer by the user name of gqboyz2 left a review that read: This is PERFECT for my husband who works at CVS. I found out about it less than a week before Christmas and paid for the express shipping. It arrived in plenty of time! The fabric is a bit thin for a scarf, but the printing quality is good. I ended up sewing some flannel to the back to bulk it up a bit. The end result, it was a HIT! My husband loved it and can’t wait to show it to his co-workers.”

ReceiptScarves is another seller that is making these scarves. They have the claim that the “Unisex scarf, perfect for women and men, teens and adults, also makes a great gift!”

Vox states that an investigation has looked into this matter and a spokesman from the company has “taken a number of steps over the past several years to redesign elements of our receipts and the ExtraBucks Rewards that print on them to make sure we’re making them shorter where we can but also making it super easy for customers to understand how many rewards they’ve earned or what savings they can take advantage of. We are always listening to customer feedback.”

The company issued a statement in 2013 that a 25% reduction in their receipts would be forthcoming because “we heard loud and clear that while our customers loved receiving coupons and special offers via receipt, many wanted a paperless option.” Online users have been sharing pictures of extremely long receipts and it’s both funny and ridiculous. These scarves are not only fashionable, but they also make a great gift. Sure, the length is unnecessary but it is realistic.

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