Cute baby invents new word for ice cream

CAMTONO is toddler for ICE CREAM

A baby girl named Delta invented a new word for ice cream during a conversation with her dad, and from now on you’ll never eat ice cream again without thinking “CAMTONO!”

The funny incident was recorded by Delta’s dad and posted to YouTube, where it has since been viewed millions of times.

In the video, dad asks Delta to repeat the phrase “I love ice cream,” which Delta happily translates into her mantra: “CAMTONO!”

Dad tries again, switching up the phrase he’d like repeated to “I want ice cream.”

This time, Delta easily parrots the “I” and “want” portions, but again giddily translates “ice cream” as “CAMTONO!”

While it is hardly breaking news that toddlers sometimes invent their own language, even relying on nonsense words and emotion in order to communicate their needs, something about the confidence and conviction in which little Delta exclaims “CAMTONO!” leads one to believe that she may actually be correct. After all, who doesn’t love a little Vanilla Bean CAMTONO on a waffle cone?

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