This Cup Allows You To Take And Eat Your Cereal On-The-Go

Breakfast is a crucial meal that cannot be skipped for any reason. However, it can be tough to find time each day. When you wake up late, you are going to have a number of issues. Making time for breakfast is often the least of these concerns. Don’t you wish that it was easier to enjoy a decent breakfast when you are on the go? Of course, you do.

The CrunchCup portable cereal cup is here, ready to address all of your concerns. This solves one of the most common dilemmas that we experience on a daily basis. While we do not have a degree in engineering, this cup is pretty awesome from a technological standpoint. There are two different compartments, each of which are designed to ensure maximum freshness.

By keeping the milk and cereal compartments separate, this solves all of the concerns that are associated with soggy cereal. After all, no one likes to eat soggy cereal, do they? This is one of the worst aspects of any morning. The ingredients are not going to touch until you decide it is time. What’s not to like? We cannot wait to get one of these bad boys for ourselves.

It makes for a great stocking stuffer as well. This invention was actually the result of a crowdfunding campaign. The original prototype was uploaded to Kickstarter and the donations came pouring in from there. This story is living proof that inventions can come about at any time. All you need to do is come up with a great idea and the world will recognize it as such.

Photo: Youtube / The CrunchCup

The struggle is real, especially when it comes time to consume cereal outside of the home. The two compartments of this cup fit together in a very natural way so that there is no spillage whatsoever. These people have truly thought of everything. We are just jealous that we did not come up with this idea first. It is shaped like any other cup that you would use, too.

The cup will not shatter, can be washed in the dishwasher and is available for a very affordable price. These cups will typically sell for $30 but if you act now, you can obtain one for the low, low price of $19.95. Act now while they are still on sale so that you can snag your CrunchCup portable cereal cup before it is too late. Please take a moment to share away, people!

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