Bride And Groom Had A Deadlift Contest At Their CrossFit-Inspired Wedding

For anyone who has tried and failed to get into CrossFit, it’s because it’s much more than a way of staying in shape – it’s a way of life. Even the official CrossFit website has stated that it’s “a lifestyle characterized by safe, effective exercise and sound nutrition.”

That is why when Caleb and Ericka Sommer – a CrossFit couple – were planning their 2019 wedding, there was only one way it would go.

As Ericka revealed to PopSugar, “We wanted the ceremony to reflect our personalities: hungry, outgoing and a little bit crazy. So our officiate fed me fried chicken and then we did shots of pre-workout with our guests. He knew I’d be hungry if we stood too long in our 20-minute ceremony, so he brought me a snack.”

The couple were first introduced back when Ericka paid a visit to Project Rise Fitness, Caleb’s gym located in Denver, Colorado. In a twist of happily ever after for these gym bunnies, they now run the workout center together. Based off pictures from their Instagram – one which shows Ericka piggybacking Caleb – it is clear that this couple lives and breathes fitness.

That is why Ericka and Caleb were determined to have their wedding perfectly reflect their joined love for working out. It definitely left their guests with plenty of interesting memories of the day. For example, their first dance wasn’t really a dance at all.

Instead, it was a three-part performance meant to show who they are as a couple. The first portion involved them playing a mini game of dodge ball – something they played early on together in their relationship. The second part was a blue Jell-O eating contest as a nod to their tendency to eat competitively when going out to dinner together. And the third and final showstopper was – you guessed it – a deadlift competition.

As Ericka explained, “No one remembers you slow dancing to an Ed Sheeran song. People remember you deadlifting in your wedding dress and diving on the floor to go face deep in a pie pan of colors-that-stain Jell-O.”

There is even a touching picture on Caleb’s Instagram that shows Ericka’s chin covered in bright blue Jell-O.

While it might have been a little more unconventional than most weddings, the couple loved it and that’s really all that matters. As Ericka wrote about it on her social media it was, “THE BEST DAY EVER.”

Colorado-based photographer, Adam Houseman, has more of their wedding photos on his Facebook post below:

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