Bride Crochets Her Own Wedding Dress In Memory Of Her Grandmother. And It Only Cost Her $30!

Most women dream of getting extravagant, white, luscious wedding gowns for their big day. Chi Krneta, of Seattle, Washington, however, did the complete opposite… considering her gown had a total cost of a whopping $30. What?!

Krneta is an architect who wanted her wedding to be heavily influenced by her career and skills. She crafted adjustable bridesmaids dresses and created original centerpieces for her humble affair. She learned to crochet from her grandmother, who passed away a few years ago. The materials Krneta used to crochet her own dress only cost her $30… and the dress was more than inexpensive, it was a way to dedicate part of her special day to her beloved grandmother. Krneta worked on her gown for 5 months during her daily 50-minute bus commute.

Her creativity clearly paid off because this gown is absolutely beautiful.

Watch the super fun and short stop-motion animated video below to see how all of it came together! Talk about #crochetgoals!

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