She Single Crochets 8 Times Into A Circle And Gets This Gorgeous Spring Decor!

spring crochet 2
Are you ready for spring? We sure are! It feels like it might never come this year, but we crochet in hope! This spring flower table runner is the perfect project to get you in the mood for sunshine and pretty flowers.

Sometimes it can be challenging to find projects for the warmer weather months. After all, no one wants a chunky wool hat when it’s 85 degrees outside! This table runner is adorable, and fun to crochet. The pattern might look complicated at first, but as always, Jayda walks us through every row and every stitch!

spring crochet 3
For starters, you’ll form a little circle by chaining 4 and slip stitching into the first chain. Then, you’ll single crochet eight times into the center of the circle. From there, you will follow along as you crochet a cute little doily! Jayda shows us how to work a running motif, which just means that you’ll join the motifs together as you go.

Wouldn’t this table runner be cute with yellow centers and different outside colors for each motif? I can’t wait to get started on this! DOn’t forget – if you plan on having hot dishes on the table runner, consider using a natural fiber yarn like cotton or wool to prevent the melting that might occur with acrylic yarn.

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