Don’t Buy Cotton Balls, Crochet THIS Instead!

We counted our receipts and were pretty shocked when we realized how much we spend each month on our skincare regimen…. Apart from the gels, cleansers, lotions, potions and night creams, cotton balls were the heavy hitter, eating up a serious chunk of our budget. And considering how quickly we go through them…we knew it was time we had to change something!

Enter: crocheted facial scrub pads, the perfect answer to our dilemma.

Colorful Canary breaks things down for us and shows us the ropes in the below video tutorial, and we were stunned by the results!

You will want to make sure to get a soft cotton yarn that will be nice and gentle on your face, then wash them before you use them and you will good to go!

Now you tell us: what are some useful projects you’ve made that save you money!

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