Beautiful Thrift Store Credenza Transformation

If you love shopping thrifts stores half as much as we do, then chances are you’ve come across a credenza or two. Also known as a buffet, this piece of furniture is often used in kitchens to store special dinnerware or extra dishes. They aren’t super popular nowadays, which is probably why you can find them at thrift stores. In the article below, see how one creative shopper made three separate bedroom pieces from this one credenza!

1. Prep The Piece

First things first. Romove any legs, hardware, and drawers so that you have just the frame of the piece. Remove the top, which will leave you with three separate pieces of furnitrue.

Make sure to sand down all sides and edges of the pieces, and then clean them up with soap and warm water. This way, it’ll be ready for the next few steps!

2. Measure & Cut New Tops

With the old top removed, you’ll need to measure out new tops for each of the three pieces. Once you have your measurements, take them to your local hardware store and have them cut a piece of pine (or other wood of your choosing) accorging to your measurements. Sand and clean these pieces as well.

3. Paint & Reassemble

Next, paint the tops and the pieces you’ve prepped. Make sure to add a layer of protective sealer to make sure the paint job lasts a long time!

Once everything is dry, lay the new tops down, and then turn the piece so it’s resting on upside down on the top. Drill in place to secure. Repeat with all three pieces.

Final Product

As you can see, this is such a great way to turn one outdated piece of furniture into three, modern day pieces for the bedroom! You’ll get two identical night stands, and one storage unit that you can use for extra blankets and pillows.

Get the full instructions and supply list by watching the video below!

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