Creative PVC Pipe Planter Tutorial

Summer is officially here, which means our gardens are in full bloom! Of course, we can always use more plants. If you’re anything like us, you’re always looking for new and fun ways to display those gorgeous plants. Here is a super unique idea for a planter that adds height, texture, and a pop of color to any space! See how it’s done in the tutorial below.

Gather Supplies

For this project, you’ll need a PVC pipe, some tiles, glass stones, broken plates, etc., as well as adhesive and grout.

Prepare The PVC Pipe

Once you’ve purchased the PVC pip, mark it off with tape and cut a slit with a hand saw. Finish off the job with a jig saw, and then sand and wash the whole thing.


Here’s where the fun part comes in! Cover the PVC pipe with mastic adhesive, applying it with a plastic notch trowell. Stick on your decorative glass stones, tiles, and pieces of broken plate. Then put grout over the whole thing, making sure to get it in all of the little nooks and crannies!

Finish Up

While the grout is still wet, gently wipe it off of the pieces with water and a sponge. Leave the whole thing to dry, and then coat it with a sealer.

Plant & Display

Aren’t these so cool? There are so many ways to display them around the porch and yard.

Watch the video below for more detailed instructions on making these gorgeous planters!

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