Couple Builds Stunning Cabin In The Woods With Only $500.

Tucked into the mountains of West Virginia is a stunning piece of architecture that Nick Olson and Lilah Horwitz built by hand.

On their first date, the couple took a walk in that very area. They both imagined living there in a house with a wall made entirely of windows, and in 2012, they quit their jobs to make their dream come true. Now they can visit paradise whenever they want to!

Nick loves photography, while Lilah’s specialty is design. With so much creativity between them, they put their heads together and came up with a plan to bring their vision to life!

“We were able to make it a reality because we are first artists and creators,” Nick said. “We had to be resourceful to do it cheaply.”

And they did! They collected most of what they needed from an abandoned barn and got the rest from garage sales and antique dealers. After that, they only needed to spend $500. Months of hard work later, their ideal cabin stood among the trees, featuring a gorgeous glass facade!

While it doesn’t have electricity or plumbing, the cabin is surprisingly roomy — and very cozy. The rustic interior is just as beautiful as the outside, and the view is nothing short of spectacular!

Lilah said it’s even more amazing as the sun goes down: “That’s when everything inside is on fire.”

Though this talented couple primarily lives in Milwaukee, they can always retreat to their happy place. It’s their escape, a space where they can recharge from the hustle and bustle of city life and immerse themselves in nature. If we were them, we’d never want to leave!

Learn more about the “window house” in the video below, and amaze your friends by sharing this architectural beauty today.

This story originally appeared at InspireMore by Corinne Sanders.

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