Costco Is Selling An Advent Calendar With 24 Half-Bottles Of Wine

Remember when you were a kid and your parents would get you an advent calendar filled with tiny chocolate candies for each day leading up to Christmas? Well, now adults can join in on the fun!

But rather than eating chocolate, you will be drinking a half-bottle of wine each night.

Popular Costco insider @costcobuys posted the following photo on Instagram along with the caption:

“A fan sent us in this photo of a new wine advent calendar they found at their Woodinville, WA Costco location! This contains 24 half-bottles of wine from places like Italy, France, New Zealand, Portugal, and Spain! I hope I can find this at my store! Have you guys seen this at your local Costco? Let us know in the comments! ($99.99)”

Based on some of the comments, they are not available at every Costco location. But when they do arrive, they sell out very quickly.

Each calendar is filled with 24 half-bottles of wine from across the world and only costs $100, which we think is a pretty great deal after doing a little math in my head: The price of what two dozen 375 ML bottles would cost is way more.

Some of the wines included are a Pinot Grigio from Italy, a French Malbec, and a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand. If you are lucky enough to get one of these advent calendars we wish you luck not opening it before December 1st.

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