You Can Now Get Costco-Themed Pajamas And Socks

If you fall into the category of somebody who loves shopping at Costco, you probably smile from ear to ear when you see the bargains unfolding in front of you.

Then again, there are people who love shopping at Costco, and there are people who are obsessed with it! If you happen to know somebody that is obsessed (even if it’s you), you might want to check out these Costco-themed PJs.

Where can you buy these PJs? Costco, of course! As if we needed another reason to run down to our favorite discount store, now they have another reason with this comfortable sleepwear. Looking at the pictures that adorn the outside of the pajamas, you will see someone working in the tire department, a shopper watching a football game, someone hanging out at a meat counter, and somebody pushing a large cart. There are plenty of little images to keep you amused and to show your love for the store.

Photo: Costco

You can get comfortable in these PJs with the elastic waistband and drawstring waist. The cuffs are adjustable to allow them to fit precisely to your needs. They even have pockets!

Perhaps one of our favorite features is the pair of matching socks that will keep your toes toasty when it is cold outside.

Photo: Costco

How much would you expect to pay for this awesome set of pajamas? Since you are buying them at Costco, you can expect to get a discount and you won’t be disappointed. The usual price is $23, but you can now buy them for $9.97. They will even ship them to you at no cost!

More than 800 people have reviewed these pajamas and it averages 4.6 stars out of five.

Photo: Costco

The product is enough to keep you smiling, and the comfort is enough to keep you wearing them.

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