Kid Dressed Up As A Costco Sample Person Wins Over The Internet

Let’s all take a moment and be honest with each other…We all love buying things in bulk and at a cheaper rate, but the real reason we love going to Costco is the free samples.

There’s something magical about walking through the freezer sections of the massive store not knowing what sample you’re going to stumble upon next. From chicken fingers to nut assortments, there is no shortage of deliciousness.

One set of parents understand this and dressed their child up as a Costco Sample Person. I would literally buy anything this kid gave to me.

And the winner of the best Halloween costume is…. #costco #costcolife

Posted by Costco Bear on Saturday, October 20, 2018

Apparently, the costume isn’t just adorable as heck, it is extremely accurate. As The Kitchn pointed out, the font on the sign and the granola bars’ SKU number match up to the real deal.

Sadly no one has been able to figure out who this little kid is even though he’s super famous on social media.

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