Sign Suggests That Some Costco Stores Are Refusing Returns On In-Demand Items Like Rice And Toilet Paper

Costco shoppers who are looking to add to their stockpile are going to want to read on and learn more. The store has come up with some regulations that are being put into place to protect other shoppers from the coronavirus. At this time, the store is not going to be accepting any sort of return on their most highly-demanded items. This decision is made with shopper safety in mind.

The key items that shoppers are looking to stock up on during the pandemic are being targeted. The last thing that Costco wants is to restock items that have already been handled by those who are grappling with the coronavirus. Lysol, sanitizing wipes, water, rice, toilet paper, and paper towels are the items that you are not going to be able to return once they have been purchased.

We are happy that Costco has decided to make this move. Shoppers should be able to remain safe at all times. No one needs to bring home a roll of toilet paper that has already been coughed on by someone who is unwittingly carrying the virus. Since there are so many people who are currently asymptomatic, there is no reason for anyone to be offended by the decision.

At times like these, we must all put our own needs to the side, and we need to be coming together for the greater good. At the moment, it is uncertain as to whether the policy is being put into place on a store by store basis or if it is being implemented on a national level. To be perfectly frank, we are hoping that it is the latter. Certain items have seen a major spike when it comes to purchases.

We tried to reach out to Costco for added commentary but we were unsuccessful. It should be a common-sense sort of thing, though. Why should any store be accepting returns of any kind at this time? All they are doing is placing their shoppers in unnecessary danger as a result of such decisions.

The comments on this policy have been positive thus far. There are those who are hoping that this decision will lead to less panic-based purchasing, and if everyone simply takes what they need, then we will all have what we require. Let’s all do our part to think of our fellow man.

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